Se dice de mí

Theater Centraal, Holland:

“Thanks to her captivating, expressive personality and to her immense energy Kris Niklison manages marvelously to pass her clear message”

Cairo Weekly, Egypt:

“Se dice de mi played to packed halls and standing ovations”

The experimental, Egypt:

“This show is, so to speak, a gift of tulips from the Netherlands
to all the Egyptians and Arabs.”

The Neverlands

De Volkskrant, Holland:

"Acrobate Kris Niklison was de hit of Oerol"

De Telegraaf, Holland:

"Favourite of the summer festivals was a star at Cirque du Soleil "

De Telegraaf, Holland:

"Overwhelming demand for the performances of The Neverlands by the Kris Niklison Theatre Company"

NOS Journaal, Holland:

“One of the most popular shows during the 21ste Oerol Festival was "The neverlands" from the Argentinean Kris Niklison.

Brabants Dagblad, Holland (judgment of the audience):

"Not to be described with words a show with acrobatics, music, interaction with the audience and a theme. /Funny and surprising. Good music. Original/Lively, colorful, happy, sparkling show/Very special. Inviting also to dance and swing on the nice music"

Al Ahram, Egypt:

"Fascinating show…full of magic"

Al Ahram, Egypt:

“The neverlands is an irresistible compound of magic, human grace, and sheer animal energy… It seems to me that Kris found the secret formula for making theatre into a communal celebration.”


La Nacion, Argentina:

Excelent! The concept is sublime.

Perfil, Argentina:

The plasticity of this two women , the beauty and erotism of their bodies are images that tell so much and that describe so well the love.

Ambito Financiero, Argentina:

Dilemma is a show of tender humanity

El Atlantico, Argentina:

Beautiful, excellent, like that is Dilemma.

La Capital, Argentina

This Dilemma proposes beauty, freedom, compromise, respect, happiness and a progresive and deffinite distance from the labels that make thinner and darker the soul.

Hecho, Argentina:

Unmissable for espectators of good taste.

Clarin, Argentina:

Sub tile aereal choreographies without protection and without measuring risks, the way it belongs to pure passion.

De Volkskrant, Holland:

"Seldom has passion been so beautifully staged as here in this intense trapeze duet "

Leewarder Courrant, Holland:

"Kris Niklison is, artistically speaking growing strongly.
Dilemma is a wonderful beautiful performance"

Brabants Courrant, Holland:

“A strong emotional performance"

Amersfoortse Courrant, Holland:

"The most beautiful performance of Etcetera?
From far Dilemma. What this two women let see makes
theatre worth it. Humor, emotion, honesty, charm and
above all so recognizable"

Utrechts Courrant, Holland:

"The acrobatics are spectacular, two beautiful women that swing freely. But the spectacle doesn't take away the intimate, honest atmosphere of the performance"

La Presse, Tunisia:

"It is theatre with out theatre. It is new and it absorbs you
during the whole show. You live the theatre with the
necessary pressure and this feeling of freedom so rare on
stage nowadays."

La folha de Sao Paolo, Brasil:

"Captivating approach with refined humor". Selected by
Folha de Sao Paolo as one of the best shows of the Festival.
Folha do Parana, Brasil:
"Dilemma seduces imediately"

Jornal da farde, Brasil:

"The whole cast has a self assureness that impress and involves the spectator. The expression has beautiful forms in the trapezes and ropes. Kris Niklison's sympathy and text seduces the public."

Gazeta do Povo, Brazil:

"Light, modern and humorous .Perfect amount of emotion, action and reflection. Remarkable chemistry of Kris with the audience."

Jornal do estado, Brasil:

"Go and see Dilemma. Light with weight."

Jornal do Brazil, , Rio de Janeiro, Brasil:

"Standed out among hundreds of shows"

0 Globo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil:

"One of the best shows of the festival"

0 Tempo, Belo Horizonte, Brasil:

"lts sincerity conquers the public. The combination of text
and circus techniques works perfectly"

Morgen Ster, Holland:

"A remarkable combination of physical dance and trapeze
with a very personal monologue"

Nieuwsblad van het Noorden, Holland:

"Kris Niklison is a born stage personality.
Dilemma is a pleasure for the eyes and a comfort for the heart. "

De Groninger Gezinsbode, Holland:

"A captivating and vitiating mix of ballet, gymnastic and
trapeze, where in the dilemma of choice was packed.Graceful, passionate and humorous"

Folha de Londrina, Brasil:

"A highly charming show"

Red Roses Red

De Volkskrant, Holland:

" You will like Kris"

Nieuwsblad van de Noorden, Holland:

"What Kris Niklison showed in Red Roses Red was phenomenal."

NRC Handelsblad, Holland:

"... Form and intensity are the conditions and the performance Red Roses Red of the Argentinean actress Kris confirms it."

Leeuwarder Courrant, Holland:

"The Argentinean theater maker Kris Niklison got it strongly. It is a highly personal and vulnerable form of theatre. After the good impression she made last year, she has presented with Red Roses Red a top performance. AII by herself.”

Drentse Courrant/Groninger Dagblad, Holland:

"Standing ovation for fascinating Kris
Niklison... Mysterious, dreamy and sensual...Fascinating. She got more than an applause: an ovation."

The Daily Star, Lebannon:

"In Red Roses Red, Niklison aesthetically captures the visceral sensitivities of the throbbing, yet broken heart. Niklison' s is a raw, new form. As she ascends, suspends, and descends, her grace mingles with the danger of a possible fall, capturing the beautiful, yet capricious essence of a love affair... Her hilarious musical numbers provide comic relief."

La Prensa, Bolivia:

" An excellent text, courage, reflection, and a great actress were the presents of Red Roses Red to the Festival."

Niewsblad van de Noorden, Holland:

“Shameless openhearted she talks about her love life going down to the deepest of her soul. Vulnerable and naked she stands in front of us and makes us enjoy her story”.


The New York Times, USA:

"The approach of M/F to dramatic truth is complex, meditative, and disarmingly open and honest... Kris Niklison performs it with disarming candor. .."

Clarin, Argentina:

"Kris Niklison is a true phenomena of performing abilities and scenic intelligence..."

Voix du Nord, France:

"A breathtaking one woman show! What a strength, what a presence and what a talent in this small Argentinean woman!"

Nord d'éclair, France:

"The show of Kris Niklison, goes far beyond black humor to achieve a true dramatic dimension".

Leewarder Courrant, Holland:

"Niklison makes of M/F an energetic, direct appealing performance"

Cairo Daily Egypt:

"It was real pleasure to see Kris Niklison examining, analyzing and deconstructing the ideas of male and female identities. Her haunting is provocative and profoundly disturbing."

Cairo Experimental, Egypt:

"Kris Niklison performed with enormous power and ability. She proved her admirable qualities as performer and brought her message in a superior way. One not only applauds the highly qualified performer but also walk around full of questions regarding choices not only of sexes but also of life itself..."

Philadelphia Inquirer, USA:

"Niklison is an expressive actress who personally engages her audience. She bas a riveting presence and gives a vivid performance ..."

AI-Ahram, Jordan:

"A show that bas had lots of success from the public. A play full of energy, humor and invention about sexuality in modern society that mixing circus techniques and acrobatics creates an harmonious and funny show."

Al Dostour Newspaper, Jordan:

"It was very surprising to feel the consideration and the attention given by Kris Niklison to her monodrama M/F... Her body had the ability to ascend beyond the meaning of the words."

The Day, Ukranie:

"Dutch actress gives lesson in professionalism. She counts exclusively on her own strength, skill and talent. The fact that in her brilliant show she uses elements of circus, pantomime, eccentric farse and drama speaks volumes in itself. She is able after a most complicated acrobatic trick to make an audience weep from feelings of tragedy."

The Daily Star, Lebannon:

"Male/Female is a dynamic show. The unusual performance was funny for all, and deserved its standing ovation from the crowd."

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