Unanimously praised by the press

VERY GOOD! Ephemeral beauty: life captured by the magic of cinema. CLARIN

Remarkable intuition and sensitivity. LA NACIÓN

The cinema rediscovered by Kris Niklison. PÁGINA 12

A sensible life lesson. LA PRENSA

The octogenarian admirable convinced that old age is the most beautiful stage of life. AMBITO FINANCIERO

Diletante captures something true, something emotional and singular us becomes absolute originality. CRITICA

Fresh, unique, worth seeing. CATALINA CANAL 13

A minimalist and poetic film pequeninos PROFILE A welcome debut in the direction of a multifaceted artist. OTROS CINES

A curious formal election that ultimately lead to a finding by the director. QUINTIN

The film becomes fascinating EL AMANTE

A real gem of the genre REVISTA VEINTITRES

The first film is a marvel Kris Niklison. CINERAMA

Kris Niklison, actress, playwright and puestista shows with this tribute to his mother that film is also his. SUBJETIVA


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